How to Offset the Cost of Your Dream BMW

So you’ve finally broken down and bought your dream BMW. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a vehicle, but the monthly payments, maintenance costs and gas station trips are rather expensive. How can you reduce your BMW’s financial burden? 

Here are a few money-saving strategies to offset your car’s costs and lessen the strain on your budget.

1. Stay Vigilant With Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance isn’t always easier than corrective maintenance, but it is always more cost-effective. Staying vigilant with your BMW’s maintenance will help you identify minor problems before they devolve into major ones. Set a routine schedule for each of these tasks based on the manufacturer’s recommendation:

  • Exterior wash
  • Interior decluttering
  • Wheel and tire balancing
  • Filter and fluid changes
  • Fuel system cleaning
  • Motor mount inspections

You might spend more time and money taking care of these tasks in the short term, but the long-term return on investment is worth the effort. It significantly reduces the chance of costly mechanical problems and repairs in the future. Plus, you get to learn more about your new BMW, as a bonus.

2. Drive for Fuel Efficiency

No doubt you’re tempted to drive your BMW like a brand-new sportscar, but that driving style isn’t mechanically or financially sustainable. Instead, you should take the cheaper route and drive with these fuel efficiency habits in mind:

  • Remove unnecessary weight from the car.
  • Avoid idling when possible.
  • Control your acceleration.
  • Drive the speed limit.
  • Don’t slam on the brakes.
  • Anticipate the flow of traffic.
  • Use the windows more than A/C.
  • Activate cruise control on long, straight roads.

Most BMW models also have the ECO PRO feature that alters the gas pedal and transmission parameters to conserve fuel. The driving performance won’t be the same, but it can be extremely useful if your main goal is to save money.

3. Comparison Shop for Gas

Gas prices have fallen in recent weeks, but a tank of premium gas for your BMW is still much more expensive than normal. That recurring $70-plus expense will add up fast. It might be in your best interest to comparison shop for gas until the prices restabilize. Here are a few mobile apps to help your search:

  • Waze
  • Gas Buddy
  • Gas Guru
  • Fuelio

Drive around your community and take note of the price ranges of the various gas stations. Do any brands have lower average prices? Are the stations in the less-traveled parts of town a little cheaper? As a general rule, gas stations near busy intersections and highway exits are the most expensive. You might find a cheaper station a short distance down the road.

4. Take Toll-Free Roads

Tolls are crucial for building and maintaining busy roads throughout North America, but nobody likes paying them. Try to dodge toll roads as much as possible and stick to the side streets. If you need to drive on a toll road, use a transponder and avoid peak hours to minimize the damage to your wallet. 

You should also know how many tolls to expect during long-distance trips. Interstate travel almost always includes a handful of toll roads, especially on the east coast. The more money you save on tolls, the more you can devote to your new BMW.

5. Take Advantage of Insurance Discounts

We’re willing to bet the insurance for your BMW is also on the expensive side. If so, you need to take full advantage of all available discounts. First, consider bundling your auto and home insurance together. You can get a discount from five to 25%, depending on your policy and provider. 

If you have children, add them to your policy to rack up those teen driving discounts once they start driving. Little things like low annual mileage, good driver report cards and safety education courses can lower their rates significantly over time. Students and military members might also be eligible for discounts.

6. Keep Mods to a Minimum

Everyone wants to deck out their sportscars with fresh modifications, but it’s just not practical if you’re trying to save money. Instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on a new spoiler, that money could go toward preventative maintenance or your next monthly car payment.

If you insist on making changes, keep them cheap and simple with small interior customizations. You’d be surprised how much of a visual difference some mods can make.

7. Know Your Vehicle

Despite your preventative maintenance efforts, you will have to take your BMW into the shop eventually. When the time comes, you must know your vehicle so mechanics don’t cheat you for extra repairs you don’t need. You don’t have to be an expert, but knowing the basics of BMW mechanics will be enough to demonstrate your competence.

Dream Cars Can Be Budget-Friendly

The term “dream car” suggests that the car is beyond our financial grasp, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Dream cars can be budget-friendly, including your favorite BMW. You just need to make a few sacrifices and play the long game. Remember these money-saving tips and enjoy your dream car!

A Closer Look at the BMW 7-Series “Backseat Gym”

There’s nothing quite like cruising the open highway in your Bimmer, the smooth caress of the steering wheel under your hands as the dialed-in suspension hugs each curve in the road, navigating it with speed and slick grace. Driving a luxury performance automobile like the BMW 7-Series can undoubtedly send drivers into ecstasy. 

What about the rest of your crew, though? After all, this flagship model seats up to four passengers. You might not want to give them a turn in the driver’s seat, even on long road trips. What are your in-flight entertainment options? 

Many high-end luxury vehicles come equipped with rear seat video screens, DVD players and even game consoles. However, the Bimmer folks go a step further. Why not work out during your commute? Let’s take a closer look at the BMW 7-Series “Backseat Gym.”

What Is the “Backseat Gym?” What Does It Do? 

Stepping into the backseat of the flagship BMW 7-Series is like entering a high-end nightclub or movie theater. Sink into the soft Nappa leather and cashmere seats that cradle you with ventilation and heat. The panoramic glass roof lets in a gorgeous view of the city skyline at night — or enjoy a more intimate mood experience, courtesy of the individual strands of LED lighting. 

The interior is nearly infinitely customizable, but what sets this model apart is how it keeps your passengers healthier on long car rides. Extended seat time increases your risk for pulmonary embolism. Blood clots can develop deep in your veins during prolonged sitting and can prove fatal if they break loose and enter your bloodstream. Previously, your only options were compression garments to increase circulation — but this impressive vehicle goes a step further. 

When you employ the Vitality Program, it leads you through a series of exercises to improve your posture, activate your muscles and increase circulation during long journeys. Any trip longer than four hours ups your pulmonary embolism risk, and moving as often as possible is one of the best holistic ways to mitigate this danger. 

The BMW 7-Series begins by calibrating your fitness level. You then perform a series of exercises, some of which involve pushing against various parts of the seat while others use gentle stretching. During the push sessions, the vehicle’s screen displays your progress, using a star rating to encourage you to increase your efforts. 

Does it work? Many users find the experience delightful. It transforms traffic jams into an opportunity for a physical challenge. Best of all, it leaves your body feeling relaxed instead of tense after a long day at the office followed by a punishing commute. The movement won’t make you all sweaty but will ease any knots or stiffness arising from excessive seat time. 

Additional Features of the BMW 7-Series 

The “backseat gym” isn’t the only impressive feature of this flagship series. You may never want to watch a flick in your home theater again after enjoying a luxurious movie in your Bimmer. 

Push a button on one of the rear-door touch screens, and a huge 31-inch screen descends from the ceiling as the moon roof closes and privacy screens block any incoming glare from the windows. The 5G internet connection and built-in Amazon Fire TV functionality let you connect to your favorite streaming services and replay your favorite “Game of Thrones” episodes while you drive. 

Are you a busy business owner on the go? This television isn’t only for entertainment. You can use it to attend Zoom meetings and Facetime with clients while you travel from site to site. You can’t beat the sound quality of the 36-speaker Bowers and Wilkins stereo system. Hello, mobile office. 

Bimmers have a reputation for speed that matches their styling. One of the M5 series recently smoked a Porsche, casually flashing the other driver a peace sign before leaving him in the dust. While the owner in question modified his ride for peak performance, you can espouse similar options. Even without them, the 7-Series will get you to your destination with plenty of time to spare. 

Are you concerned about your carbon footprint? Keeping the earth greener is everyone’s responsibility, and BMW aims to do its share. The i7 xDrive60 electric model comes equipped with dual motors, resulting in a combined 544 horsepower, more than the similarly priced Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 with a 4.7 0-60 sprint time. 

Furthermore, BMW plans to soon release an even more powerful electric version, the i7 M70. This beast will feature 660 horsepower, making it the most powerful Bimmer to date. You don’t have to sacrifice speed and performance for eco-friendliness with the right engineering. 

You simply can’t beat this car for the ultimate luxury driving experience. BMW goes beyond expected features to bring you a veritable holiday on wheels. 

The BMW 7-Series Backseat Gym

Who would have thought to combine fitness and engineering in one vehicle? Only the innovative minds at BMW could invent such an intriguing concept with decided health benefits, especially for distance travelers. 

The BMW 7-Series backseat gym takes the pain out of long commutes, safeguarding your passengers and making for a more pleasant ride. When you combine it with the other features this Bimmer offers, you simply cannot find a more enjoyable driving machine. 

3 Tips for Safely Towing Your BMW

BMWs are well-loved for their high horsepower, sleek design and smooth handling. These luxury cars are incredibly fun to drive and come from a German company with over 100 years of experience in the automotive industry. Because BMWs are fine-tuned machines, they’re expensive to own and maintain. 

Once you’ve purchased one of these beautiful vehicles, taking care of it becomes your responsibility. Properly maintained, a BMW can last for 200,000 to 250,000 miles. However, towing a BMW can cause serious damage to the car if done incorrectly. Here are three tips for safely towing your valuable BMW. 

Use the Tow Hook

Every BMW has a tool kit conveniently built into the vehicle. You can check your vehicle’s trunk to find the compartment where these tools are hidden. Once you’ve opened up this compartment, you should see a tow hook attached to a bolt. These pieces fit into a covered screw hole that’s located on the exterior of your vehicle. 

Depending on which model you own, your BMW should have a covered screw hole on the front, back or both ends of the vehicle. It may be off-centered and is covered by a tiny plate that blends into the car’s finish. You can click this small plate off and safely store it inside the vehicle while your car is being towed.

Once you’ve taken the plate off, you can screw the bolt and tow hook into your car until it’s secure. You can use the hook to tighten the bolt into your BMW. If you’d rather have a tighter fit, separate the two pieces and screw the bolt in first with a socket wrench. Then, you can screw the hook on by hand.  

Invest in a Tow Bar

Your BMW doesn’t come with a tow bar, but this piece of equipment is an essential for safely towing your vehicle. Once you’ve attached the tow hook securely to the exterior of your BMW, you’ll need to connect the hook to the vehicle towing your car. Using stretchy or brittle material for this job is a very bad idea. 

Do not use a rope to connect your BMW to a tow truck. Even a small amount of stretch could cause your car to veer off course, skidding around turns and potentially damaging the vehicle. In a particularly bad situation, a poor connection could also weigh down the tow truck and cause it to lose control.

Tow bars are designed to securely connect your BMW’s tow hook to a tow truck. They’re designed to handle different amounts of weight, so make sure you choose one that’s adequate for your vehicle. Just to be safe, it’s a good idea to buy a tow bar that’s strong enough to tow a car heavier than yours. 

Hire a Flatbed

Another safe option for towing your BMW is to hire a flatbed truck. This allows you to lift your car off the road, keep it flat and move it safely from one location to another without worrying about serious structural or cosmetic damage. Although flatbeds can be hard to find, they’re the best option for towing your vehicle safely. 

Most mechanics strongly advise against flat towing – BMW transmissions must be lubricated while in use to prevent damage. Lubrication happens automatically when your car is running, which is why it’s so important to turn your car on and put it in neutral while it’s being towed. However, many newer BMW models should not be flat towed even in neutral. 

Car professionals disagree about whether you can use a dolly to move your BMW. Tilting your vehicle on a dolly could stress the frame during turns when one of the wheels is more elevated than the other. You should never pull on the undercarriage of a BMW – they’re not built to handle the strain. 

Always Check the Manual

When in doubt, always check the manual for your specific BMW. Older models may be capable of making different maneuvers safely than newer vehicles. The best way to tow your car depends on the materials it’s made of and the way its parts are designed to function together. Your car’s manual should give clear directions about what you can do without harming the car. 

Because BMWs are luxury vehicles, they take an extra amount of care. They’re fine-tuned to provide an optimum driving experience, designed with smooth transmissions and powerful engines that make for superb handling. A vehicle of this quality requires extra care to protect it from being damaged when towed. Use this guide to confidently move your BMW wherever it needs to go – without causing damage or entailing expensive repairs. 

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